interfacer deprecated

A linter that suggests interface types. In other words, it warns about the usage of types that are more specific than necessary.




Go Versions

Supported Languages


Official Documentation

YAML Configuration


  • input:

    Patterns to include in execution and reports.

    Note: Inspecode runs interfacer for each Go package and the input patterns are used for selecting Go packages containing input files. Therefore, the files excluded by the patterns are processed if they are contained in Go packages that also contain input files, and you may even see logs related to the excluded files in the job console. However, Inspecode eventually ignores any issues detected on the excluded files when generating job reports.

  • ignore:

    Patterns to exclude from execution and reports.

    Note: Just like input:. the ignore patterns may not applied completely when running interfacer.

YAML Examples

  • With default options:

      interfacer: default
  • With custom machine:

          cpu: 1.5 # 1.5 CPU, 5760 MiB RAM

Resolving Dependencies

interfacer requires all the dependencies to build, so Inspecode resolves the dependencies in the same manner as go test. See the go test page for the details.

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