Eastwood is a Clojure lint tool that uses the tools.analyzer and tools.analyzer.jvm libraries to inspect namespaces and report possible problems.




OpenJDK 11 Leiningen 2.9.1

Supported Languages


Official Documentation


YAML Configuration


  • input:

    Patterns to include in reports.

    Note: The input patterns are not applied when running Eastwood in order to follow the source and test paths of each Leiningen project. Therefore, some of the files excluded by the patterns may be processed and you may even see logs related to the excluded files in the job console. However, Inspecode eventually ignores any issues detected on the excluded files when generating job reports.

  • ignore:

    Patterns to exclude from reports.

    Note: Just like input:, the ignore patterns are not applied when running Eastwood.

  • auto-fix:


  • config-file:


  • machine:

    • cpu:

      Amount of CPU. The default machine has 0.75 CPU with 2880 MiB RAM.

      Inspecode configures the maximum heap size (-Xmx) of the Java virtual machine (JVM) by applying a custom profile with :jvm-opts according to this value. Inspecode reserves 240 MiB RAM for system, and makes the rest of RAM available to JVM for heap allocation. For example, -Xmx2640m is specified by default (for 0.75 CPU), -Xmx5520m is specified for 1.5 CPU.

  • options:


  • thresholds:

    • num-issues:

      No tool specific severity levels are available.

  • experimental:

YAML Examples

  • With default options:

      eastwood: default
  • With custom machine:

          cpu: 1.5 # 1.5 CPU, 5760 MiB RAM

Multiple Projects In Single Repository

If there are multiple Leiningen projects (project.clj files) in single repository, Inspecode detects them and then runs eastwood for each project.

Resolving Dependencies

The dependencies are resolved in the same manner as lein test. See the lein test page for the details.

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