Once a repository is registered on Inspecode, you can watch/unwatch branches for that repository from Settings >> Branches. Only users with Admin permissions can configure the Branches setting.

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Watching Branches

  • By default, Inspecode watches all branches of the repository.

  • To watch specific branches, you can check Watch specific branches and then choose the branches from the select menu.

When a branch is being watched, git-push on that branch triggers a new job on Inspecode.

Note: Check here to know more about how jobs are created in case of pull requests.

Unwatching Branches

To unwatch a branch that is being watched, you can click Unwatch button displayed in the list of watched branches.

When a branch is unwatched,

  • git-push on that branch does not trigger any job on Inspecode
  • the generated reports and console logs related to that branch are deleted from Inspecode.

Pull Requests

Note: Currently, this pull request feature is not supported with Bitbucket.

Whenever a pull request is opened or new commits are added to an existing pull request, Inspecode receives the notification from GitHub about the pull request. For pull request jobs, Inspecode relies on the merge commit that GitHub creates from the feature branch and the base branch.

If the base branch of the pull request is being watched by Inspecode, a job is started to perform source code analysis for the merge commit. If there are any merge conflicts, the job is not started. However, when you resolve the merge conflicts and push the fixes to GitHub, a new job will start on Inspecode.

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