How to Grant Access to a GitHub Organization

If you use a GitHub organization account with Rocro, the set-up process for Inspecode requires an additional step: you have to grant Rocro with access to the GitHub organization. Once the access is granted, we recommend you to check if Rocro is added to the list of authorized OAuth Apps on GitHub.

This section will explain in detail how to set up Rocro with a GitHub organization.

Grant Rocro with Access to a GitHub Organization

First, when signing up with Rocro, you will be presented with the choice of granting Rocro with access to a GitHub organization. Here’s what you need to do:

  • click the Grant button located at the right of the organization name
  • next, click on the green Authorize rocro button.

Note that clicking on the Grant button only reverses its color, but the access rights have been set up.


Now, access to the GitHub organization has been granted. Let' try to confirm the grant status.

Check the List of Authorized OAuth Apps on GitHub

To avoid any hiccups, an organization administrator should assure that Rocro has access to the organization data.

This can be done by accessing the Settings / Applications page on GitHub. If the access is granted, ROCRO appears as an application in the Authorized OAuth Apps tab.


Next, click the ROCRO icon and GitHub will show the list of organizations Rocro has access to. The green check mark confirms that Rocro has access to a specific organization.


Now, you should be all set up to use Rocro with a GitHub organization.

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