You can configure Inspecode by placing rocro.yml at the root of your repository. There are two types of configuration:

  • Global Configuration

    • Threshold on cyclomatic complexity
    • Threshold on the number of issues detected in a job
    • Runtime versions
    • [EXPERIMENTAL] Environment variables
    • [EXPERIMENTAL] File filters
    • [EXPERIMENTAL] Prefix/Suffix for auto-fix git commit message
    • [EXPERIMENTAL] Dependency cache
    • [EXPERIMENTAL] Incremental analysis
    • [EXPERIMENTAL] Lines of Code
    • [EXPERIMENTAL] Pull request comment
  • Tool Configuration

    • File filters
    • Whether to let Inspecode fix some issues automatically
    • Computational resource
    • Configuration files
    • Tool-specific options
    • Threshold on the number of issues detected by a tool
    • [EXPERIMENTAL] Incremental analysis
    • [EXPERIMENTAL] Dependency installation

Note: .rocro.yml is also supported. rocro.yml is used preferentially if both exist.

Overview of YAML Layout

  # Global configuration
    complexity: <number>
    num-issues: <number|mapping>

      <var1>: <string>
      <var2>: <string>
      <runtime1>: <string>
    input: <string|list>
    ignore: <string|list>
    cache: <boolean>
    incremental: <boolean>

  # Configuration for each tool
  <tool1>: <string|mapping>
  <tool2>: <string|mapping>

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