How to Activate Inspecode’s Professional Plan

In this guide, we will show you how to migrate from the default free plan to the paid one. As you probably know, our paid plan provides an important advantage that lets you use more than one CPU core. Now, let’s see what are the steps to activate the paid plan.

The first step is to click on the Settings button in the upper right corner of the website:


Now, Inspecode shows that you are using the free plan and will ask you to update your payment method. So, click on the payment method Update button at the bottom of the page:


You will be asked to fill in the details of your payment method. Enter the information as requested and click on the Save button:


Note: Make sure to use only digits and alphabetic characters for your postal code. For example, “140-0002” should be entered as “1400002”

Once you are done, you are one step closer to being able to migrate to the professional plan.

Now, go back to the settings page to actually change your plan. As the below picture shows, check Professional, select the number of CPU cores you need and click on the Pay Now button:


To check if everything is OK, click on the payment history View button at the bottom of the page:


You should be able to see your payment:


Congratulations on migrating to the Professional plan! Remember that we are always available if you have any questions or encounter any problem. Just send us an email.

Thank you!

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